Absorbest Super Foam

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Our foam dressing, Absorbest Super Foam, uses advanced superabsorbent technology. This dressing is designed to work well in combination with compression therapy. It is a thin and discreet wound dressing that can handle varying amounts of wound exudate and prevent troublesome leakage.

Absorbest Super Foam dressing

Reduces the risk of softening and breaking down of skin

Absorbest Super Foam is a sterile dressing that is more effective at locking in wound exudate than conventional polyurethane foam dressings, and it can also handle thick wound exudate. It helps to maintain a moist wound environment while reducing the risk of maceration (softening and breaking down of skin) and minimising damage to the surrounding skin. The white side has a lightly adhesive contact layer that makes changing dressings easier and works like an extra hand.

The adhesive enables the dressing to be repositioned during application and contributes to comfort during removal. Wound exudate is transported away from the wound quickly and efficiently and is distributed evenly throughout the Absorbest core. DryMax Foam absorbs exudate that contains bacteria and other harmful substances that can delay healing.

Size Item number Qty/box Absorption
7.5x7.5 cm F60041/10 10 60 ml
10x10 cm F60043/10 10 130 ml
15x15 cm F60044/10 10 350 ml
10x20 cm F60045/10 10 350 ml
20x20 cm F60046/10 10 640 ml

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The DryMax-method for exuding wounds

Treatment of venous leg ulcers using the DryMax method – based on the principle of maintaining an optimal moist wound environment.

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