Floor mats

Absorbest, DryMax superabsorbent floor mats

Our floor mats are available with different levels of absorbency and in various sizes. Flexible and can be adapted to the requirements of each room. With one clear and simple objective – to create the best possible conditions for keeping floors clean and dry.


DryMax 2.4

For healthcare environments where floors can become covered with large amounts of fluid. Our superabsorbent mats collect the fluid and help staff to stay clean and safe.

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DryMax Triple

An ultra-thin superabsorbent floor mat. This mat is made up of three sections and its versatile design enables it to be folded easily to fit the area in question.

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DryMax XL

A larger absorbent floor mat with an anti-slip barrier layer. Suitable for use under sinks, in operating theatres and examination rooms. Helps you to manage waste fluid before it becomes a problem.

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DryMax Combimat

A combination mat comprising an absorbent and a superabsorbent section.

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