Fluid management

Absorbest Fluid Management solutions for UK healthcare

Wet, slippery floors and cold, saturated sheets and drapes are a distraction during surgical procedures and examinations. They pose a risk to both staff and patients and a great deal of resources are allocated to dealing with them on a day-to-day basis. Our fluid management solutions for use on floors, beds and chairs contribute to safer healthcare environments and a more efficient flow of work.

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Sterile surgery pads

Superabsorbent sterile pads for the effective management of irrigation fluid and bodily fluids during wet surgeries. Pliable with a high absorptive capacity.

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For patient beds, examination couches or ambulances. Superabsorbent pads for use in areas where fluids need to be dealt with and patients kept dry.

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Floor mats

Absorbent and superabsorbent mats for effective fluid management under sinks and operating tables. Double-sided absorption or anti-slip backing.

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