DryMax XL

DryMax XL superabsorbent floor mat for operating theatres and health care environments

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Absorbest DryMax XL is a larger absorbent floor mat with an anti-slip barrier layer for use in operating theatres and examination rooms. A solution for healthcare environments where fluids end up on the floor, leading to both the risk of slipping and resource-intensive manual cleaning of problematic floor areas. In this mat, you have a simple, effective solution for a safer and cleaner environment for both healthcare staff and patients.

Solution for operating theatres

This floor mat is absorbent, comfortable to stand on and appropriate for the setting. The blue anti-slip plastic surface holds the mat in place and keeps the area under the mat dry. An effective, user-friendly product that can trap waste fluid before it becomes a problem, which reduces the need for deep-cleaning and the time it takes to prep the theatre for the next procedure.

DryMax XL is available in a number of sizes for use in a variety of situations. With three levels of absorbency, simply choose the mat with the required capacity for the room or procedure in question. For large amounts of fluid, DryMax XL can be used in combination with our superabsorbent floor mat, DryMax 2.4.

DryMax XL Basic: 2.0l/m²
Suitable for use during procedures such as endoscopies, in examination rooms or under sinks or scrub stations where small amounts of fluid may collect. DryMax XL Basic is also available on a roll that can be cut to the required length.

DryMax XL Medium: 4.0l/m²
Can be used during abdominal surgery, for example, when moderate amounts of fluid need to be absorbed, particularly in the area around the operating surgeon.

Size Item number Qty/box Absorption
50x75 cm F22201-50 55 2.0 l/m²
100x75 cm F22201-100 50 2.0 l/m²
160x75 cm F22201-160 20 2.0 l/m²
200x75 cm F22201-200 21 2.0 l/m²
50mx100 cm F22201-R (rulle) 1 2.0 l/m²
Size Item number Qty/box Absorption
100x75 cm F22203-100 20 4.0 l/m²
200x75 cm F22203-200 11 4.0 l/m²

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Absorbent mats for healthcare environments

Our absorbent products for managing excess fluids in care settings are appropriate and flexible aids that provide a safer work environment and streamline the flow of work.
Absorbest Drymax XL floor mat, a fluid management solution for health care environments.

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