Wound dressings
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Our superabsorbent dressings allow you to focus more on your patients and less on dressing wounds. Here, you will find dressings that are easy to apply and more conducive to the healing process than traditional dressings. Solutions that you and your patients can have confidence in.

drymax soft superabsorbent wound healing absorbest

Absorbest DryMax Soft

A superabsorbent dressing available in ten different sizes. For use in direct contact with venous leg ulcers and works very well in combination with compression therapy.

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drymax foam superabsorbent wound dressing absorbest

Absorbest DryMax Foam

A sterile dressing that is more effective at locking in wound exudate than conventional polyurethane foam dressings, and it can also handle thick wound exudate.

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drymax easy wound healing absorbest product

Absorbest DryMax Easy

For use on heavily exuding wounds. The adhesion offered by this dressing helps in its application to the wound.

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Absorbest DryMax Border

A superabsorbent dressing with fixation and a silicone wound contact layer for a more comfortable feel once applied.

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Absorbest DryMax Non Sterile

Used as a secondary dressing for exuding wounds, even when compression therapy is needed. Useful, flexible and available in multiple sizes.

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Absorbest Relevo

A conformable, superabsorbent dressing for use on exuding wounds

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“The wound needs to be clean. It should be moist, not wet, and the surrounding skin should be as healthy as possible.”
Ann-Mari Fagerdahl, Associate Professor/Nurse, Wound Centre, Södersjukhuset
Utbildningsmaterial, en guide om hur man kan behandla svårläkta, vätskande bensår.

A guide: Promoting healing of troublesome leg ulcers

What are the characteristics of different leg ulcers and how can we promote healing of troublesome ulcers?
Treatment measures, phases of healing, cleaning, and appropriate dressings. Our complete guide to leg ulcers focuses primarily on venous ulcers, from cause and origin to the healing process and aftercare.

Download the guide here