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Sterile pads for surgery, fluid management solutions from Absorbest

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Absorbest DryMax Sterile superabsorbent pads lock in large amounts of fluid during surgical procedures – without dripping. The product can be used on the operating table or in direct contact with the patient and deals effectively with water-based fluids. These pads come in two sizes, Maxi and Midi, and are available with and without tape. Pads with tape allow for easy attachment of the pad to the surgical drape or the patient’s skin.


Solution for surgical procedures

Correct management of fluid contributes to a drier, cleaner work environment for staff and patients because it reduces the risk of contaminated fluid spreading. DryMax Sterile absorbs water-based fluids such as saline, urine, blood and amniotic fluid.
The pad is double-sided, which means it absorbs fluids on both sides and can be used flat, folded or rolled up, depending on the surgical team’s needs.

DryMax Sterile is available in two easy-to-handle sizes, Maxi and Midi, with tape if required. Pads with tape can be attached to the surgical drape or the patient’s skin.
Our superabsorbent sterile pads offer improved infection control and reduce the time spent on cleaning and prepping operating theatres.

Size Tape Item number Qty/box Absorption
56x37 cm No F50161 100 Up to 4 L
56x37 cm Yes F50163 100 Up to 4 L
72x37 cm No F50241 80 Up to 6 L
72x37 cm Yes F50243 80 Up to 6 L

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Superabsorbent sterile pads for healthcare environments

Our superabsorbent sterile pads for dealing with excess fluids in operating theatres improve hygiene control and streamline the flow of work.
DryMax sterile, absorbent pad for surgery
“When using the DryMax Sterile during kidney transplants, the product helps to absorb the very cold ice and water, which makes it more comfortable for the hands”
- Christoph, Nurse, Universitätskl. KnappschaftsKH Bochum GmbH / Germany

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