DryMax Non Sterile

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Absorbest DryMax Non Sterile is used as a secondary dressing for exuding wounds, even when compression therapy is needed. The absorbent properties of the dressing, its thin and conformable design, and the fact that it comes in a number of different sizes, supplied in handy ziplock bags, make this a useful and flexible solution for home healthcare, for instance.

drymax non sterile product wound dressing home care absorbest

Fewer dressing changes with the right dressing

DryMax Non Sterile is based on DryMax technology, where the ultra-thin material collects and encapsulates fluids, providing a perfect complement to the primary dressing. This ability to handle and lock in fluid reduces the number of dressing changes needed compared to traditional products, contributing to cost-effective treatment.

DryMax Non Sterile dressings can be used with either side facing the primary dressing, which makes it possible to layer dressings on top of one another when needed.

Size Item number Qty/box Absorption*
10x10 cm F20011/10 10 50 ml
10x15 cm F20015/10 10 95 ml
10x22 cm F20021/10 10 150 ml
15x20 cm F20031/10 10 170 ml
20x22 cm F20041/10 10 300 ml
20x30 cm F20051/10 10 400 ml
37x56 cm F20071/10 10 1600 ml

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Discover a dry surface!

Discover the dry surface of DryMax superabsorbent dressings, compared to other common dressings.

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