DryMax Comfort

DryMax Comfort, an absorbent pad for fluid management from Absorbest

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Absorbest DryMax Comfort is a superabsorbent pad for use in hospital or patient beds, on tables and chairs and in ambulances. As a healthcare professional you benefit from improved hygiene control, while patients are provided with a drier, more comfortable environment.

DryMax comfort, an absorbent pad for ambulances, beds and tables

Superabsorbent bed pad

DryMax Comfort is a pad that encapsulates fluids, thereby ensuring that patients do not have to lie on wet, cold bed linen. This solution helps to keep patients dry and therefore stay warmer. It absorbs fluids on both sides and its size makes it easy to use and handle.

Size Item number Qty/box Absorption
72x37 cm F20261 100 Up to 6 L

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Superabsorbent pads for healthcare environments

Our superabsorbent pad DryMax Comfort provides a drier environment and improved hygiene control.
DryMax Comfort, an absorbent pad for a drier and comfortable environment for the patient.

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