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Absorbest DryMax Soft is a conformable and flexible superabsorbent dressing for use in direct contact with exuding wounds, e.g. venous leg ulcers.
Available in ten different sizes, this is a useful dressing that is easy to apply and comfortable for the patient to wear.

DryMax Soft wound dressing

Absorbs and retains exudate

DryMax Soft is an effective dressing that requires fewer changes than traditional absorbent dressings. It is designed to work well in combination with compression therapy. The dressing can be applied with either side facing the wound, which minimises the risk of incorrect use and makes it possible to layer dressings on top of one another when needed.

The thin, soft and conformable material allows close skin contact with fewer creases.
This makes the dressing comfortable for the patient to wear and very easy to apply, even on challenging body parts where stiffer dressings are unsuitable. The slimmer border is designed to simplify positioning over the wound. Its absorption and retention properties (the ability to retain fluid within the dressing) work in unison to make this a useful dressing for all types of exuding wound, including venous and arterial leg ulcers.

Size Item number Qty/box Absorption
7.5x7.5 cm F60011/10 10 60 ml
10x10 cm F60013/10 10 130 ml
10x15 cm F60012/10 10 230 ml
12.5x12.5 cm F60123/10 10 220 ml
15x15 cm F60121/10 10 330 ml
10x20 cm F60015/10 10 330 ml
15x20 cm F60014/10 10 400 ml
20x20 cm F60016/10 10 600 ml
20x25 cm F60018/10 10 780 ml
20x30 cm F60017/10 10 960 ml
37x56 cm F60019/10 10 3000 ml

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The DryMax-method for exuding wounds

Venous leg ulcer treatment based on the principle of maintaining an optimal moist wound environment with the DryMax method.
“A major problem was other dressings leaking, but with DryMax we now only need to change dressings once a week.”
Hanna Danielsson, Advanced Home Care Nurse, Järfälla/Upplands-Bro

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