DryMax Easy

drymax easy wound healing absorbest product

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Absorbest DryMax Easy is our best-performing superabsorbent dressing for exuding wounds.
A unique dressing with smart, light adhesion that works like an extra hand during application – a practical feature for caregivers working alone.

DryMax Easy wound dressing from Absorbest

Problems with leakage when changing dressings?

DryMax Easy has an impressive fluid handling capacity and has been developed for use on exuding, hard-to-heal wounds. It works well as a primary dressing but can also be used alongside other wound care products. The combined properties of this dressing – good absorption and the ability to retain exudate within the dressing – help to provide a good wound environment that reduces the risk of maceration (softening and breaking down) of the skin.

The dressing is designed to work very well in combination with compression therapy. By turning the dressing over, it can also be used as a non-adhesive dressing, if preferred.

The average free swell absorptive capacity* for DryMax Easy is 2.8 ml per cm² of product core.
*) In accordance with the international standard EN 13726

Size Item number Qty/box Absorption*
10x10 cm F60033/10 10 170 ml
10x20 cm F60035/10 10 500 ml
20x20 cm F60036/10 10 1000 ml
20x30 cm F60037/10 10 1550 ml

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DryMax Easy and compression therapy

DryMax Easy is easy to apply and ideal for use with compression.

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