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Relevo absorbs and retains exudate in the dressing. The exudate is absorbed vertically by the dressing and retained in the core forming a gel, thus minimizing the risk of maceration and maintaining a moist wound environment.

Relevo dressing from Absorbest

Easy to use

The design allows the dressing to be applied with either side facing the wound. This feature also makes it possible to stack dressings on top of each other if extra absorption capacity is required.
The ultra-thin and highly conformable features allows the dressing to be used on all parts of the body. Relevo is designed to work very well together with compression therapy.

The dressing remains dry and comfortable for the patient. Simultaneously it contributes to a moist wound environment. The hydrophilic contact layer transports fluid effectively away from the wound and distributes it evenly into its core.

Size (cm) Item number Qty/box Absorption
10x10 F50011/10 10 50 ml
10x10 F50011/50 50 50 ml
10x20 F50021/10 10 130 ml
10x20 F50021/10 50 130 ml
20x20 F50041/10 10 250 ml
20x20 F50041/50 50 250 ml
20x30 F50061/10 10 400 ml
20x30 F50061/50 50 400 ml

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