Bacterial Sequestration Efficacy of DryMax Soft

- insights into an independent laboratory study (2)

Aim of Study: Comparison of ability of DryMax Soft, a PU-foam dressing* and a DACC dressing* to sequester and retain bacteria over 7 days.


  • Lock in bacteria
    DryMax Soft locks more bacteria into its core over 7 days, compared to foam and DACC dressing tested.


  • Reduce risk of transfer bacteria
    DryMax Soft prevents transfer of bacteria back to wound surface better, compared to foam and DACC dressing over 7 days.


  • Infection prevention for exuding wounds
    Laboratory test conditions mimicked highly infected exuding wounds.


  • Extended wear time
    DryMax Soft has longer wear time than conventional absorbent dressings, meaning fewer dressing changes, lower work and material cost**


*PU-foam dressing; Mepilex® Border (Mölnlycke Health Care) and DACC dressing Cutimed® Sorbact® (Essity)

** Hoglin G et al, A COHORT Study to investigate the benefit of the use of DryMax Extra superabsorbent Wound Dressing on a population of wet wounds, Poster at Wounds UK, Harrogate 2011

(2) Mihutescu et al, A comparison of bacterial sequestration within three types of wound dressing, Poster at Wounds UK 2022

Over the recent years there have been further cumulative improvements in DryMax wound care family. DryMax Soft is the current formulation and the same product as DryMax Super, which is an improvement on DryMax Extra.