Bacterial Sequestration Efficacy of DryMax Soft

- insights into an independent laboratory study (1)

Aim of Study: Compare ability of 5 superabsorbent dressings (SAP) to sequester and retain bacteria over 7 days. This test
investigated sequestration of a pathogenic MRSA.


  • Keep viable bacteria within DryMax core
    DryMax Soft sequesters viable bacteria within the core of the dressing over 7 days.


  • Reduce risk of transfer bacteria
    DryMax Soft prevents transfer of bacteria back to wound area over 7 days.


  • Key in the treatment of chronic wounds
    DryMax Soft is capable of managing contaminated exudate over 7 days, a key element in the successful treatment of chronic non-healing infected wounds.


(1) Mihutescu et al, A comparison of bacterial sequestration in SAP dressings, Poster at Wounds UK 2022

Over the recent years there have been further cumulative improvements in DryMax wound care family. DryMax Soft is the current formulation and the same product as DryMax Super.