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We help you deliver excellence in wound care and efficient fluid management in care settings. Together we create a better everyday life for you, your colleagues, and patients.

Because you make a difference.

Wound care:
Knowledge bank and products made in Sweden

We want to enable professional caregivers, like you, to perform to the best of their ability, by supplying knowledge about and products for wound care.

Having our production facilities here in Sweden allows us to guarantee the quality of our products: wound dressings that are comfortable to wear and help the patient to live an active life, but also provide an optimal healing environment for the gentle, long-term treatment of wounds. With a clear perspective on sustainability.

In combination, our solutions and knowledge are intended to instill confidence in you and your patient.

Promoting healing of hard-to-heal leg ulcers!

A comprehensive guide focusing on venous leg ulcers. From cause and origin to the healing process and aftercare.

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Absorbest wound care range

High-quality products that have been specially developed for the treatment of hard-to-heal, exuding wounds.

Wound care products
”The wound needs to be clean. It should be moist, not wet, and the surrounding skin should be as healthy as possible.”
Ann-Mari Fagerdahl, Associate Professor/Nurse, Wound Centre, Södersjukhuset

Absorbent solutions for safe and hygienic care settings

Our superabsorbent products for managing excess fluids in care settings are appropriate and flexible aids that provide a safer work environment and streamline the flow of work.

The range comprises a variety of mats and pads, made in Sweden with sustainability in mind. Solutions that can create synergies in the form of saved time and reduced costs. Invaluable resources for modern healthcare.

Floor mats for a safer environment

Superabsorbent floor mats. Versatile and easy to use when dealing with large amounts of fluid.

Floor mats for operating theatres

Sterile pads for improved hygiene control

Superabsorbent sterile pads for a drier, safer environment, which reduces the risk of contamination.

Pads for operating tables

Fluid-encapsulating pads

A flexible aid that keeps beds and chairs dry. Greater patient comfort and safer for nursing staff.

Fluid-encapsulating pads

DryMax technology

Our superabsorbent products trap and retain large amounts of water-based fluid. Dressings, mats and pads are developed in-house and feature our DryMax technology, which is our unique method of assembling the various components used in our products.

The contact layer absorbs and transports fluid to the absorbent core of superabsorbent polymers, all the while ensuring even, vertical distribution. This action keeps the surface dry, providing a comfortable experience for the user.

Our own production facilities give us complete control over the various processes involved, thereby guaranteeing new and enhanced benefits for clinicians, patients and society. From innovation to sustainability. From raw material to an effective product.

Absorbests medtech and sustainability